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The Afterparty - "So Much To Say"

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The Afterparty - "So Much To Say"

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In the band's own words: "Our video for 'So Much To Say' was inspired by the feelings of friendship that permeate the lyrics. Since we began working together as a band we've all lost friends along the way because we're all so busy and live so far apart. The video follows a group of friends over the course of a day, while we're shut away in a tiny practice room working on our music. This demonstrates very succinctly the way in which we've gradually lost these friends because of band commitments, and at the same time shows the value of those friends to one another.

The video was shot in and around Bolton and Blackpool back at the end of March. We did the performance parts of the video in a warehouse just outside Bolton; we had half a floor of the building to ourselves and just built this tiny room in the middle of it with wooden scaffolds and old rugs. From the outside it looked really bizarre!

We knew with this video we wanted to do something with a bit of 'plot' to carry it along, but at the same time it's always difficult to not let that get out of hand. So often you can see bands who've tried to do too much with the budget they've got to work with, or they simply just forget that first and foremost it's supposed to be a music video. This isn't the Oscars! Beyond that the company we worked with had a lot of ideas based on the track and the lyrics, and particularly those ideas of friendship. After throwing some ideas back and forth based on the original treatment they handed us we ended up with the result that we're really happy with.

The band started back in early 2010; some of us had been in bands together before or we knew each other from the Southampton music scene. We realized that we all had very similar goals in mind and that we all shared the enthusiasm and drive to make it happen. That was two years ago; since then we've played all over the country with all sorts of bands, made music videos and recently signed to Engineer Records. We've spent so long working 'Restless' that it seems a little strange that it's finally happening, we started working on it about a year ago. Needless to say we're psyched about it though and we can't wait to get out there and start showing people what we can really do!"

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